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HR Tip #21: It’s all about Sesame Street… and Learning!

Do you remember how fun learning was as a kid? Good old memories such as the sesame street alphabet song spring to mind. Well, here’s the news: learning never ends!

Lifelong learning

There have been plenty of heated discussions around the topic of lifelong learning throughout the last few years. Nowadays, most employers facilitate this idea by encouraging various forms of e-learning. E-learning has multiple advantages such as increasing information flow and communication between employees and management.

For those of you out there who don’t have the pleasure of implemented learning facilitators – Don’t worry too much as there are other solutions to personal and professional development. In fact, it’s not all about learning by doing, it’s actually about learning by reflecting on doing (if that makes sense). And yes, everyone can learn – even whilst doing the most monotonous work, it’s all about DIY at work!

Knowing yourself

It’s all about personalised learning approaches and let’s face it, who knows you better than yourself? Check out Kolb’s learning circle. The cycle is quite straight-forward and can be adapted according to any context: doing, reviewing, concluding, planning and back do doing. Whether you are importing data into an excel spread sheet or trying to solve a customer query, this model may be adjusted accordingly.

Similarly, you may choose to keep a notepad and pen ready at all times. Keep a log book of all the new information you accumulate throughout the job. This simple, yet effective, method may well come in handy later on when you need to recollect or learn from the past.

Take the initiative

Alternatively, why don’t you just take the initiative? If you have the feeling you need help in a specific area, then it’s time to make your employer a proposal. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating value within the organisation and most employers understand this. So don’t dilly-dally – get on the case no matter whether it is a simple Excel course or a CIPD or ACCA qualification? Even a part time Msc?

In Jim Eastwood lingo, most people aren’t actually exactly what it says on their tin. We find the human being to be more like a magical box full of surprises. Therefore, you should go by the good old cheesy saying of – where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Photography by Mark Brannan, Neffi1 UK, and Dark Angels

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